On Farm Testing

On-Farm Trial is a form of adaptive research. Through On-Farm Trial technologies are validated against specific micro-farming situation. This problem solving mechanism helps the farmer overcome agriculture and allied problems with scientific solution.

This KVK conducts on farm trials at farmer’s field for technology assessment and refinement with regards to the location specific problems. The OFTs evolve active participation of both the scientists and farmers. As per the suggestions of the farmers and local agro-climatic conditions, the improved technology may slightly be modified to get maximum return. Various OFTs on varietal evaluation in rice, pulses, oilseeds, vegetable and fruit crops, nutrient management and integrated pest management modules, species diversity in fishes, feed and disease management, breeds of poultry, feed and disease management of livestock etc. are being conducted to solve the location specific problems. The validated technology are taken into FLD at a small scale before providing the technology capsule to the state extension system. Since establishment of the KVK,a large number of technologies have been assessed and promoted in the district.