Off Season Mushroom Production

Paddy straw mushroom has become an important enterprise for marginal, small and big farmers in Bhadrak district. However, prevailing low temperature during December to March limits the production of mushroom to an average of 400g/bed as compared to more than 1kg during peak season. KVK, bhadrak developed a viable technology of growing paddy straw mushroom in low cost poly-house structures. The temperature inside the poly-house remains higher than the ambient low temperature outside because of green house effect which favours mushroom cultivation. This technology was tested under on farm testing during 2008-09 and subsequently through demonstrations the structure was standardized. Poly house structure with dimension of 20'x10'x9' found to be optimum which can accommodate at a time 48 beds. At present there are more than 300 such polyhouses in the district and it has also spread to other districts in Odisha. ATMA, Bhadrak in collaboration with KVK also promoting this technology through demonstration.