Multiple Cropping Pattern in Pisciculture

In traditional composite pisciculture, single cropping pattern with one time monsoon stocking and one time summer harvesting method is followed leading to a low yield of 13 q fish / ha / year. Generally, IMCs viz. catla, rohu, mrigal grow faster after 5 months upto 20 months of age just before attaining their sexual maturity. The fry size IMC seeds are when kept in an adverse competitive environment (where competition for food & space prevails) by stocking them in high density i.e. 30 to 40 number per cubic metre, managed judiciously in a rearing tank for 5 months or more, they become stunted and exhibit absolute compensatory growth when released into congenial conditions of grow-out ponds. The fishes which attain ABW of 500g (marketable size) or more after 2.5 to 3 months of rearing are to be harvested. After each harvesting, the stock has to be replenished with new SFLs/SYLs harvested from nearby rearing tank. In this way, annually 3 to 4 major crops harvested with an average yield of 50q fish / ha / year.

KVK conducted On-Farm testing, demonstration and training programmesfrom 2006-07 to 2014-15 involving more and more private seed producers.By the end of the year 2014-15, sixty nine entrepreneurs have been developed. They are now producing 63 lakhs stunted fingerlings / yearlings per year which caters seed stockings in 631 hactare of water area of 1498 number of pisciculture tanks of Bhadrak district. Assured monthly income with a B:C ratio of 2.1:1from pisciculture encourages many unemployed youths to adopt it.