On Farm Testing (OFT)

On-Farm Trials to be conducted (April 2018 to March 2019) (10 nos)

Thematic area



No. of farmers

OFT-1: Agronomic practice

Assessment of rice varieties for BPH tolerance

FP  : Swarna
TO1: Hasanta (OUAT, 2014)
TO2: CR Dhan 300 (NRRI, 2012)
TO3: Reeta (NRRI, 2011)
(Transplanted rice with STBFR for all treatments)


Nutrient Management

Assessment of nutrient supplementation through foliar applications in green gram

FP  : NPK 20:40:20
TO1: FP+2 Foliar sprays of 18-18-18 WSF (1%) at 30 & 45 DAS
TO2: FP+2 Foliar spray of Urea (2%) at 30 & 45 DAS
TO3: FP+2 Foliar application of DAP(2%) at 30 & 45 DAS
(Planting at Jan 3rd week, line sowing)


OFT-3: Nutrient management

Assessment of rate and schedule of fertilizer application in sunflower

FP  :Full dose of NPK 60:90:60 as basal
TO1:NPK 60:90:60 kg/ha with 3 splits of N; 50% + 25% + 25% (State recommendation)
TO2:NPK 60:90:30 with 3 splits of N; 50% + 25% + 25% (DOR recommendation)
TO3:NPK 90:90:60 with 2 splits of N, 60% + 40% (OUAT recommendation)


OFT-4: Nutrient management

Assessment of microbial consortia in Chilli

FP  : RDF + No use of biofertilizer and micronutrients
TO1: RDF + Arka Microbial Consortia
TO2: RDF + OUAT formulation @ Azospirilum:PSB: Azotobacter:: (4:4:4 Kg)/ha


OFT-5: Varietal evaluation

Assessment of tomato hybrids in rice-tomato cropping system

FP: Avinash
TO 1: Arka Samrat
TO 2 : Arka Rakshak



Assessment of low cost farm made feed formulations for cost effective milk production in cows

FP  : Commercial feed @ 3-4kg/day
TO1:Low cost farm made feeding @ 3-4kg/day
(maize-40% , GNOC-25%, DORB 20%, wheat bran/chuni 10%, Mineral mix and Salt 5%)
TO2: Low cost farm made feeding @ 3-4kg/day
(Maize-30, broken rice 10%, GNOC-20%, MOC-5% DORB 20%, wheat bran/chuni 10%, Mineral mix and Salt 5%)



Assessment of concentrate and mineral mixture supplementation on body weight gain in goats

FP   :Browsing and occasional house hold feeding
TO1:Browsing + Concentrate @100g/adult goat
TO2:Browsing + Mineral mixture @10g/adult goat
TO3: Browsing + Concentrate+ Mineral mixture
(Deworming in all treatments, selection of 3months old goats)


OFT – 8:
Fish disease Management

Assessment of Ivermectin 2% w/w in controlling Argulosis

FP  :Use of inorganic pyrethroid pesticides
TO1:Application of  ‘Paracure I.V. ‘(Ivermectin 2% w/w) @ 250g/1 ton of traditional  fish feed and fed to fishes 3-5% of body wt. daily for 4 days to control Argulosis
TO2:Application of Paracure BT (Ivermectin 2%w/v) @ 200ml/acre-m in fish ponds


OFT-9:  Varietal Evaluation

Assessment of incorporation of Amur carp in composite carp culture for maximizing fish production

FP  :Mrigal as bottom feeder with stocking rate of more than 30%
TO1: Stocking ratio catla: rohu : mrigal :Amur carp :: 30:40:20:10
TO2: Stocking ratio catla: rohu : mrigal :Amur carp :: 30:40:15:15
TO3: Stocking ratio catla: rohu : mrigal :Amur carp :: 30:40:10:20